The Makeover 2013

This is an update of George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion" that changes the genders of the main characters. Hannah Higgins attempts to turn blue-collar Boston beer vendor Elliot Doolittle into a viable candidate and inadvertently learns something of Elliot's side of life.

Project Makeover 2007

Na Jung-ju is a 30 year-old woman whose life is going nowhere, and she blames her misery on a failed high school romance with Jo Ha-ni, who has since become a famous singer. Her old schoolfriend Oh Tae-hun, who used to have a big crush on her, is now a successful and wealthy businessman, and she regrets not having gone out with him. After being given the chance to travel back in time, Jung-ju goes back to 1994 where she tries to convince her younger self to date the future businessman.

Hostile Makeover 2009

Lacey Smithsonian is a stylish journalist who works as a television reporter. When interviewing a prestigious fashion designer Amanda Manville, it confesses that receives death threats from someone. Everything is complicated when the artist is shot dead during the program. Lacey will be involved in the case and launch an investigation to find the guilty.

Christmas Makeover 2016

A TV personality (Loughlin) has an on-air snafu and admits she hates Christmas. Following the debacle, she is invited to the Most Christmas-y town in America to try and repair her image. Forced to work with her ex-boyfriend Jack (Ferguson), the show's producer, the magic of Christmas and this special town will change the way she views Christmas and her life.

The Makeover 2011

A mash-up of several classic Disney films, The Makeover is about a woman who spends all of her time cleaning up for her partner until a fairy intervenes.

The Makeover 2009

Rodger Keaton is a socially challenged, clinically frigid, computer nerd, desperate single white male. Patricia Bartlett is a ruthless award winning journalist who has found her man. Pitted against overwhelming odds, Hollywood makeover Guru Brad Holloway is blackmailed via the threat of crippling publicity. Brad's challenge is a "mission impossible" makeover and he must prove with substantial results that his Ultimate Makeover Services are the 'Real Deal'. Over the next six weeks, Brad & Rodger take a most unlikely journey into often uncharted terrain, with hilarious & heart warming results at every turn. But can true change be given a deadline? And can anything with a deadline be thoroughly achieved? A willing dog can learn a thousand new tricks, but is self-identity a trick?

The Makeover 2014

A blood splattered horror-comedy that knows relationships can be messy. Sometimes a new coat of paint is all that's needed to fix it.

20 Min Yoga Makeover - Flat Abs

Power your way to a flat, toned stomach with this dynamic new yoga workout, Sara Ivanhoe's Flat Abs program uses a series of twisting and stretching poses to work your upper and lower abs. The routines will strengthen your abdominal muscles, improve your posture, and help prevent back problems. Sara emphasizes safety throughout the program, ensuring maximum benefits with minimum risk of injury. Although designed for all abilities, the postures can be performed at a higher level for a more intense workout. These exercises will give you that flat tummy and chiseled, defined look you've always dreamed about.

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition: The Workout 2011

Get up, get moving and start losing with three easy-to-follow workouts created by transformation specialist Chris Powell from ABC's hit show, “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition." You too can shed unwanted weight using the same exercises that helped people on the show lose hundreds of pounds.

Holly Hobbie & Friends: Marvelous Makeover 2009

Holly Hobbie Cover Girl Holly moves to Clover and can't wait to start school with Amy and Carrie! But assigned to a different class than her friends, she befriends a shy, unpopular girl named K.T. McGee. Soon Holly is an outcast too for hanging out with "McGeek."

20 Min Yoga Makeover - Weight Loss 2004

Shed unwanted pounds and burn calories with this challenging and fun new yoga workout. Sara Ivanhoe's Weight Loss program will help you achieve a firm and toned body while improving your flexibility. She'll help you attain your weight goals by leading you through a fluid series of yoga movements designed to boost your heart rate and burn fat. This workout will strengthen your muscles and boost your energy. The routines are designed for all levels, and will leave you feeling revitalized and ready to achieve your goals. Program Features: - Burn fat and calories - Look younger - Feel better - Challenging new poses - Lose weight naturally and safely - Improve flexibility

20 Minute Yoga Makeover - Power Beauty Sweat 2004

When we sweat, it's our body's way of eliminating unwanted toxins and fat cells. Sara Ivanhoe's Power Beauty Sweat uses innovative arm balances, core strengthening, and twisting postures to detoxify the body and improve vitality. Using challenging poses that work the leg, arm and abdominal muscles, she'll help you burn calories and improve your digestion. Her routine will boost your energy level and give you all-over glow. This program is designed for all levels of fitness and flexibility, and will challenge you in the new and exciting ways.

20 Min Yoga Makeover - Sculpted Buns & Thighs 2004

You'll discover that having a defined and sculpted lower body not only looks good, it makes you feel great! Tight, toned and shapely buns and thighs can be yours with this energetic new yoga program. Sara Ivanhoe's Sculpted Buns & Thighs workout delivers dynamic yoga routines designed to strengthen your legs and tighten your buns. Her program provides a safe, effective way to challenge your lower body in a totally new way. You'll use stretching, twisting and balancing poses along with yoga breathing techniques to maximize your workout. Program Features: - Tone and tighten - Detoxify body with twisting poses - Safe routines for all levels - Strengthen legs - Burn calories and fat

20 Min Yoga Makeover - Total Body Tone with Weights 2004

Take the next step in getting the most from your yoga workout. Sara Ivanhoe's Total Body Tone with Weights uses hand weights to strengthen and tone your entire body. She'll lead you through a challenging, progressive sequence of poses, each flowing into the next. This series of yoga postures can be done without props, but you'll get maximum benefits when performing the routine with hand weights. This power workout will give you a sleek and toned body. No matter what level you choose, you'll be inspired to work out to your full potential.

Brand New You: Makeover Television and the American Dream

What do popular television makeover programs like What Not to Wear, The Biggest Loser, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and The Swan tell us about how to look and feel? What do they tell us about what a good life looks like in contemporary America? This new film based on Katherine Sender's book The Makeover explores these questions against the backdrop of American ideals of self-invention and upward mobility. Asking what it means to be an authentic self in an increasingly mediated world -- to be both ordinary and special, to be happy with who we are while always wanting something better -- Brand New You shows how the interventions featured in makeover shows, from weight loss to cosmetic surgery, reproduce conventional norms of physical attractiveness and success.

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